What is compost tea?



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    Compost tea isn’t far off from what it sounds like. Compost is left to steep in water for several days. The result is a highly microbe-rich juice that you can spray directly onto your plants or soil. It is said to help prevent disease and promote growth, and is used as an alternative to pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

    Some people use it like medicine for a dying garden, but compost tea is not a magic healing potion, and a garden suufering froma greater problem or nutriet deficit is unlikely to be saved by compost tea. It is best used as a fertilizer suppliment and preventatory measure.

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    Compost tea has many benefits: it allows nutrients to absorb directly into the plants, the microorganisms in the tea will help protect the plants’ leaves against foliar diseases such as powdery mildew. 

    Compost tea improves the nutritional value of the vegetables grown in your compost garden significantly and cause them to be more flavorful.

    Here are instructions to brew compost tea:


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