What is a company that is really bad for the environment?



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    The first link below is a list of the 15 worst companies for the environment, which was released in 2009. #1 on the list is Peabody Energy, which is a coal company. Peabody Energy also ranked last on Newsweek’s environmental ratings for the 500 largest corporations. This is due to the company’s history of toxic emissions and frequent violations of the Clean Water Act. It was reported that the company released waste into Charleston, WV with illegally high amounts of lead, arsenic and other dangerous chemicals.

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    Green America has a list of the 10 Worst Corporate Criminals to Avoid, what they are doing wrong and what to do about it on their Responsible Shopper page. The number one company they list is Wal-Mart. You can also choose from dozens of campaigns to help curb corporate abuse.

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