What company of products used in the home is greenest?

I’m thinking of products like febreeze, glade, cleaning products, windex, etc.



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    Well, the greenest cleaning product you can use would probably be a homemade one. There are plenty of natural products you can use to clean with, like lemons, salt, and vinegar to name a few.

    But if you’re looking for green companies, some brands reputed as eco-friendly are: 7th Generation, Shaklee, Green Works, Simple Green, and Clorox. You could probably find most of these at Whole Foods. In fact, I would expect anything found at Whole Foods to be eco-friendly. However, make sure to always read the label for toxicity. The link below has a great guide to buying green products.

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    My personal favorite company for eco-friendly cleaning products is Maleleuca.  They were green before it was the “trend” and its their business model.  Their cleaning products are concentrated, and use no bleach, ammonia, or fermaldehyde.  They are made of natural products and not dangerous: they don’t even safety caps.  They work really well, too.

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