What is a company that makes green paint?



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    I assume you mean green as in environmentally-friendly, not green the color!
    Here’s a list:
    BioShield Paint
    earthBorn Paints
    Ecos Organic Paints

    The link below has some good ideas about natural paints.

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    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are one of the main hazards of paints. Low-VOC paints are available. The environmental non-profit group Green Seal has developed a standard for identifying low-VOC paints. Be aware, though, that paints saying they are ‘zero-VOC’ may still have low VOC amounts of under 5 grams per liter, which is the zero-VOC standard of the EPA.

    Paints that truly lack VOC are made of natural plant dyes. There are clay, lime wash and milk paints available that may be more expensive but are made of natural substances. Some companies include Eco-Shield, Green Planet Paints, Sherwin Williams Harmony line, Frazee, Olympic and Mythic Paints. See the links below for green painting tips and a full list of companies.

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    There are companies that make green paint, one being AFM Safecoat. This company has been around for decades and is produced for the chemically sensitive; however, it is rather pricey and not available everywhere. There’s also Benjamin Moore’s Eco-Spec. This is a low-odor, low VOC and it available across the country, but is also pricey. Another option in American Pride, which is competitively priced, while also being low VOC and great quality.

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    This also depends on what sorts of paint you are looking for. Automobile paint? House paint? Interior? Exterior? If you provide some more specific information about what you need I’d love to help.

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