What company has the best cell phone recycling program?



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    Flipswap seems to have a very good phone recycling program. Their program works for all phones and you get cash back or credit for another phone. Once a phone is given to them, they usually able to figure out a way to reuse the phone, but they can also recycle phones if they get too damaged. They even plant a tree for every phone that is recycled.

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    Funding Factory is another cool recycling program that is more centered around businesses and organizations, not just individuals.  It also offers funding and other supplies to organizations and businesses who recycle to them.

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    http://www.SellYourCell.com is a great one but I am biased because it’s my company!  Objectively though, we paid an average of $50 per cell phone last month and we paid as much as $245 for a 32GB iPhone 3Gs.  Also, it’s an easy process – get an instant quote, print out a free shipping label, send in your phone and wait for a check.  I’m glad the question is being asked because only 10% of people actually recycle / resell their old cell phones.

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