What oil company does the most damage to the environment?



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    First direct consequence of their activity is disruption of natural environment. Most of the oil fields are in the territory of natural wildlife, which after oil is found factories built noise and pollution grows find that their home is destroyed. If they manage to escape they need to adapt to a new life, but most usually die either from pollution or lake of food sources. Other indirect causes of these companies are oil spills on oceans which kill millions of animals yearly. And to top off oil is one of the most carbon dioxide producing fuel known to man, which causes the global warming that forces the whole world’s ecosystem to change.

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    Any oil company is very dangerous to the environment, but BP is unquestionably the worst.  Scientists estimate that over 205 million gallons of oil have gushed into the Gulf.  Though it is plugged currently, the damage is so enormous that it will likely be irreparable.  Most thought the Exxon Valdez spill was bad…there was only 11 million gallons leaked in comparison to BP’s 205. 

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