What companies recycle plastic grocery bags?



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    Most grocery retailers will except dry clean plastic grocery bags with their name and logo on it to be used again. Some of the nationwide companies that were mentioned were Target, Wal-mart, Whole Foods, and Lowes. You can visit plasticbagrecycling.org. click on the consumers link, choose your state, and you will get a list of retailers that will recycle plastic grocery bags. You will also get names of companies that are in the plastic recycling business that may accept used grocery bags that retailers will not take back. Only one business came up for the state of Arizona and it’s Recycling Association of Maricopa, which sounds like a nonprofit or public agency.

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    In addition to being recycled, it is possible to re-use plastic bags. I had a crafty roommate once who liked to cut up plastic bags and crochet them into something else. You can also use plastic bags instead of packing peanuts by stuffing them around delicate items that you are going to ship. This is a good thing to keep in mind as the holidays approach and you are thinking about sending presents to people across the country!

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