What companies have switched to sending shopping receipts by email instead of printing them out?

The Gap now ask if you want your receipt printed or emailed to you.



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    In the interest of becoming eco-friendly, increasing amounts of retailers are offering their customers more environmentally conscious options during their shopping experience. One of the best technqiues to conserve resources that I’ve encountered is this option to have your receipts emailed to you instead of having it printed out in-store. Apart from the Gap, Apple, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are some retailers that offer the option of having your receipt emailed to you.

    This is a very useful way of conserving paper. Many people end up throwing out their receipts almost immediately after a purchase, so it would make more sense to send someone a receipt which would only be printed out if a return is needed.

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    The company that I am familiar with is yreceipts who allows such service. According to their website, the following companies have joined this awesome idea.

    KIDSEN, fleur wood, WE ADMIRE, King of Knives, TShirt Store, VIVOBRAVEFOOT, BLOCH, Kurt Geiger, treehouse, autograph, terra plana, le coq sportif, volcom, larry adler, dogfish, seraphine


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    Offering e-mail receipts is a growing trend among stores because it is a way to conserve paper, thus helping PR and the environment. Whole Foods, a known healthy and organic supermarket, is one of the stores to do this. Other clothing stores besides the Gap are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

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