What companies are making efforts to shift to green packaging?



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    Poland Spring is using less plastic in their bottles and caps in an attempt to reduce the materials needed for making bottles to become more environmentally friendly.

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    Lots! Pangea Organics is one comapny that really has a unique packaging design. They have a highly acclaimed molded fiber pacakging and brown apothecary style bottles. The style is also very minimalist. Plus, their#2 HDPE brown plastic bottles are screen printed rather than using labels. What I like most about their packaging is that they created a 100% compostable, biodegradable and plantable packaging that resembles an egg crate. Pangea has embeded medicinal herb seeds in the molded fiber paperboard actually! So buyers can simply grow their own medicinal herbs by soaking the box for one minute and planting it in about 1″ of soil.  Their packaging is also manufactured with zero waste! 🙂

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