What is a Community Supported Agriculture program?



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    A Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) program is an effort between local growers and the members of their community. Typically, members purchase a “share” of the CSA, and in exchange they receive some amount produce throughout their farm’s growing season (typically delivered to a central location where the member can pick it up). Most CSA’s provide quite a diversity of vegetables and fruits, and often offer newsletters and recipes as well, in order to further foster the sense of community.

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    Community Supported Agriculture programs, also known as CSAs, are programs within communities, or a town, where citizens can help a knowledgeable farmer planting/tending to/harvest food, which is then purchased by people in the community for a fixed price. Each week during a growing season, people can go pick up their share of the harvest. Prices and food varies based on where you live and which CSA you buy your food from. This is a great way to support the community, and reduce excess pollution from the shipping of your produce. CSAs are a great way to incorporate some sustainable eating into your lifestyle.

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