What is a common sign of a sinkhole?



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    Sinkholes are most common in karst-like conditions, where a hard upper layer of rock lies above a softer layer of soil that is eroded by water out from underneath the harder rock. In addition, areas prone to sinkholes often have no visible streams or rivers, as the porous underlayer of soil allows all water flow to occur underground.

    However, sinkholes can occur nearly anywhere, especially where man-made excavations have left hollow gaps underground where there would normally not be any.

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    Sinkholes cannot be predicted with 100 percent certainty but there are some signs that can indicate sinkhole formation

    • If the area is underlain with carbonate bedrock
    • Carbonate mineral mining below the water table near water sources
    • During and after periods of heavy precipitation
    • Fluctuations in groundwater levels
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