What color of lights works the best through fog?



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    Single-color fog lights are better than multicolor lights such as white light which is made up of all colors.  They are less likely to fragment when they come in contact with the dense particles in fog.  Lights with long wavelengths are also better in fog as they scatter less.  The final factor is that our eyes are more sensitive to different colors of lights than others.  Combining these three factors, some scientists (including ones at the US Department of Energy) believe that yellow light makes the best fog lights.

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    Red light appears to be the most effective light to be used in fog, as it has the longest wavelength of the colors, and thus less likely to reflect off of water droplets in the air. However, as far as fog lights on cars, red can be confusing to other drivers since it is the color used on brake and rear lights. Thus yellow, the color with the next longest wavelength, is generally used.

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    In fog, a long wavelength light works best. From shortest to longest, the longer wavelengths include the colors yellow, orange, and red. As long as the light is not white, any color light is effective in the fog though. This is because white includes all colors which scatters the light through something called dispersion and makes everything more blurry.

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