What color grapes are sweet?



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    Dark purple and black grapes are generally the sweetest, but green grapes are still a little sweet.

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    The flavor of grapes can also depend on how and where they are grown. If you want to grow sweeter grapes, a warmer climate is best. Plant grape vines where they will get plenty of sun to get the sweetest flavor. In general, darker grapes tend to be sweeter, while green grapes can be a little sour.

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    the sweet grapes tend to be the dark ones and the sour ones are the green ones

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    Dark purple grapes are the sweetest — Concord is the most common variety of these grapes. Red grapes are also sweet. Green grapes tend to be the least sweet, but Muscat grapes (a white grape) are very sweet and are used to make wine.

    Concord grapes

    Muscat grapes

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