What is in a colon cleanse drink?



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    Colon cleansing drinks may contain any number of ingredients, and many recipes are available for homemade cleanses.  Probably the most popular colon cleanse drink is the Master Cleanse (aka the lemonade diet), which is a mixture of organic lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.  Other popular cleansing drinks include straight vegetable juice, salt water and bentonite clay.

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    To begin with by stating the obvious, a colon cleanse drink is a drink designed to clean out your colon. To be more precise, it is a combination of ingredients (natural or otherwise, so read your label!) that interact with your body as it passes through in order to remove the toxins that build up (there are arguments towards the validity of this in either direction) in the colon – otherwise known as the part of your body that stores and eventually eliminates waste from your body.

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