what is colloidal silver?



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    Colloidal silver are tiny silver particles in liquid that some people  use as medication. Scientific evidence shows that colloidal silver is not effective in combating and treating and disease and instead use of colloidal silver will ultimately end in serious side-effects. Colloidal silver may cause such side-effects as argyria ( a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin caused by exposure of silver) which is serious because it is untreatable and irreversible.

    In 1999, the FDA prohibited sale of over-the-counter medication with colloidal silver because is has proven to be safe and ineffective. There are still some prescription drugs that contain colloidal silver such as medication used to treat burns. All the drugs that contain colloidal silver which were approved by the FDA are all drugs that are used for external use and are not taken orally.

    The FDA has taken action against companies that have promoted, advertised and sold colloidal silver as medication. People are usually exposed to silver in a small amount through air, water, food and jewelry which does not pose a serious threat like silver taken orally. Silver is a metallic element and when abused can cause irregularity instead of curing or treating any ailments.

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    Colloidal silver is a product consisting of tiny silver particles suspended in liquid, and is often marketed as oral dietary supplements although there are other forms of the product that are injected or rubbed onto the skin.  

    Despite being marketed as somewhat of a cure-all, there is no evidence that colloidal silver is effective in treating any sort of malady.  In fact, colloidal silver may cause argyria, which is blue-gray discoloration of the skin, gums, nails and eyes.  Very large doses may cause serious health problems, including kidney and neurological damage.

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