What colleges have the greenest most eco friendly dorms?


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    Warren Wilson College has “the eco-dorm”  a LEED Platinum building that includes solar panels, edible landscaping, composting toliets, grey water, and an assortment of other “green” technologies.  The Ecodorm is a first in the country!

    As well as the eco dorm Warren Wilson College is working at getting LEED certificats for ALL of its dorms.  The Newest Dorms for example are LEED Gold. 

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      This is such an awesome idea. Did they get government funding to do this project and if so can other colleges get the same funding?

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    Pitzer, in Claremont, California has very green dorms. In fact, the dorms were featered on the show “Living With Ed” 

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    Warren Wilson College in North Carolina has an “EcoDorm” which includes: permaculture gardens, rainwater is collected to fill toilets, photovoltaic panels, and all residents are required to commit to energy reducing efforts such as no hair dryers or personal refrigerators and using as little light and heat/air-conditioning as possible. Overall, the students living in the EcoDorm make the dorm as green as possible and have made the conscious effort to go green. 


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    I am not sure if you are going to be able to see the video above, but I really think University of Colorado at Boulder is doing a great job with their school. I go to one of Princeton Review’s greenest university and UCB seems to be doing a much better job. We are currently pushing for them to get composting and much more “eco-friendly” dorms at my school, Binghamton University. 

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    Cornell University’s Alice Cook House, a part of the Upper Campus Living Initiative, is LEED Certified based on waste management, materials, landscaping and its green roof.  A complete profile of the project can be found here:



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