What college is doing the best job of providing eco friendly education?



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    Many universities are now trying to become more green to appeal to students.  Arizona State University, Bates College, and The College of the Atlantic took the top 3 spots in the Princton Review’s ranking of eco-friendly colleges.  To earn these rankings the schools had to excel in providing students with a healthy, sustainable quality of life, preparing the students to be environmentally conscious and responsible, and using eco-friendly school standards and policies.  

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    According to USA Today, College of the Atlantic (COA) in Maine.  Only a few hundred students attend this college and they only offer one major, which is human ecology.  The school was the first college to go carbon neutral back in 2007, also they’ve heavily invested in green building, land conservation, and historic preservation.  From the education facilities down to the education itself, COA lives and breathes sustainability.

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    I’d say that most colleges now a days are providing some sort of eco-friendly education. I know that when I was in college I took a few classes on environmental studies, and I really learned a lot from them. I wasn’t even an environmental science major and felt like I was gaining a wealth of knowledge. As the importance of the environment and being eco-friendly gains more popularity, I’d only imagine that these topics would become much more coveted. 

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    Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington! Evergreen allows students to form their own curriculum and it has been a leader in environmental education for decades.  It has also embraced sustainability education programs.  It is based near Olympia National Forest and the pacific coast.  This location allows for many opportunities for study in the biology, forestry, and oceanography. 

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