What is the coldest place in the United States?



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    Northern Alaska has the coldest weather year round, with an average temperature of 10.4 °F. Other than Alaska, Mount Washington, NH, Alamosa, CO, and Ely, NV are amongst the top coldest cities in the US. These cities have over 200 days a year with temperatures below freezing. 

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    Weather.com ranks the top 5 coldest cities in the United States as follows:

    5. Caribou, ME

    4. Jackson, WY

    3. International Falls, MN

    2. Gunnison, CO

    1. Barrow, AK

    Barrow sits 5 degrees above the Arctic Circle, and its average annual temperature is a frigid 10.4 degrees farenheit. Barrow averages 167 subzero days a year, with the record low of -56 degrees recorded in 1924. Not many can brave the cold, as the city’s population is only around 4,600. 

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    The top three coldest temperatures recorded in the United States include -80 degrees fahrenheit in Prospect Creek, Alaska; -70 degrees in Rogers Pass, Montana; and -69 degrees in Peters Sink, Utah.  The top three coldest states include Alaska, North Dakota, and Maine, with average temperatures of 32.13, 40.43, and 40.97 degrees fahrenheit respectively.

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