What is the coldest anything can get?



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    The coldest (theoretical) temperature is absolute zero, defined as 0 K on the Kelvin scale, which is a thermodynamic (absolute) temperature scale, and −273.15° on the Celsius scale.

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    Absolute zero or 0 degrees Kelvin is the coldest theoretical temperature any object could be. However, the coldest temperature found in our universe to date is 1 degree Kelvin. The temperature was found in the Boomerang Nebula, about 5000 light years from Earth. 1 degree Kelvin = -272 degrees Celsius.

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    That would be absolute zero, where molecular kinetic energy is at a minimum, but not exactly zero. In numbers it is -273.16 degrees C. In July of 2009, the European Space Agency’s Planck spacecraft registered a temperature of minus 273.05 degrees C, 0.1 degree above absolute zero, as it observed remnant radiation associated with the Big Bang.

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