What coffee place is the most eco friendly?



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    Tough question, I’m not sure if there is one be all end all of green coffee shops. The Alterra coffee shop in Wisconsin seems to put in some effort. They were awarded the “Best Environmentally Friendly Project” by the Milwaukee Business Journal (named specifically for the Humbolt location. Their building was partially constructed using recycled materials and the business is powered solely by renewable energy.

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    This website provides organic/green coffee shops and organic/green coffee companies. Most of the coffee shops are foreign, although there are a few in the U.S.

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    Ask questions at your local coffee shops to determine the place that best supports your values.  Questions to consider asking:  

    • is your coffee shade grown or bird friendly?  Do you have any certifications to support this claim?
    • Is your coffee 100% organic? Again, are there any supporting certifications?
    • Do you sell fair trade coffee?
    • What process is used to decaffeinate your coffee?  The greenest method is the Swiss Water Process.

    The links below elaborate.  🙂

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