What is a coelacanth?



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    A coelacanth is a large fish that is often called “a living fossil” becuase it was long thought to be extinct.  It can reach up to 200 lbs, and be as long as 6 ft. Coelacanths live in western part of the Indian Ocean by the Comoros Islands. They are also found in the coral reefs of Indonesia.  These fish live deep underwater, between the depths of 500-800ft.  

    A coelacanth found in Indonesia:

    Image 1

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    A coelacanth is part of the fish group called Crossopterygii. However it was believed that the coelacanth and Crossopterygii had gone extinct way back with the dinosaurs. Then a species of the coelacanth called Latimeria was found off of the east coast of South Africa in 1938. This is now the only known living species of coelacanth. It is also believed that these fish are the missing link between tetra-pods and fish, that it is the most closely related animal to the first four-legged land animal.

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