What is the “Coda”?



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    Assuming you are not referring to the musical term, I believe you are referring to a new all-electric, zero emissions car.

    The car is made by Coda Automotive, and is not yet available, though you can reserve one on their website. It can be charged either from the special outlet installed in your home, or from a standard 110-volt household outlet. They claim a range of 90-120 miles on a single charge.

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    The Coda is an all-electric, zero-emissions car priced at $37,400. You can reserve one/be put on a waiting list with a $500 deposit now at the website below. It will come in four colors: white, black, blue and silver. The Coda car shares a name with the company, CODA. It really looks just like every other car, as you can see below:

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