What is a cocktail dress? Can we use it as an evening dress?

Is this a cocktail dress?
http://www.ambersbridal.com/trumpet-mermaid-strapless-floor-length-organza-cocktail-dresses-with-ruffles.html what is the defference between evening and cocktail?
this is quite different one. I’m confused.



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    What I’ve always been told and believed is that an evening dress is more formal than a cocktail dress. Don’t get me wrong, cocktail dress attire should never be confused with casual attire. It still is, well “dressy” attire. However, usually when people list the style of event as “cocktail attire” it’s usually for social gatherings like holiday parties, single get togethers, and upscale clubs. Plus, for women, cocktail dresses (along with hair and makeup) is usually more flashy vs. other types of dressy occasions (like for wearing an evening dress). Plus, the norm for cocktail dresses are to be short – like at the knee or above. On the other hand, evening dresses are usually floor length and more demure in style.

    Regarding the picture you provided – the first link – that is definately an evening dress. It’s also very beautiful. The way I see it, cocktail dresse are often meant to be short and flirty. The ocassion for them are often fun get togethers where mingling is much involved. I see evening dresses as elegant, floor length and conservative. I hope that helped.

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    Cocktail dresses are typically knee-length and brighter in color than evening gowns. Since the dress on the website is very bright in color, it could be considered a cocktail dress. However, it is longer than most cocktail dresses, so it could be used for either function. For example: if you want to stand out in a crowd at a formal gathering. At thrift stores, cocktail dresses may be labeled “after five” while more formal clothes will be labeled “formal.” I bought a cocktail dress at a thrift store, and you can see it here:

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    cocktail dresses should look glamorous , ya its true that its less formal . Remember the length when you are choose your cocktail outfit.

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