What is the closest thing to the garden of Eden that we have on earth?



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    Researchers have come up with many possible locations for the Biblical Garden of Eden, and pinpoint Turkey near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, or else in Iraq near the same valleys. Others claim it was closer to Ethiopia. One thing is for sure: what once was a lush garden of legendary beauty and diversity is now desert, in part because of human activity and climate change over centuries. There are many forests in the world today that could be compared to Eden, but it is important to keep in mind what likely happened to the original.

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    I graduated from UC San Diego, where we have a unique collection of artwork entitled the “Stuart Art Collection”. One of the pieces in this collection is Snake Path, which is symbolic of the biblical conflict between innocence and knowledge, as it lays in a path towards the main library. One of the highlights of this features is a small “garden of Eden”. It is a highlight of the school, and a small “garden of Eden” in San Diego!!

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