What climates are best for growing roses?



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    That depends most of all on which type of rose you plan on growing. Some are hardier than others, and the hardier they are the colder of an environment you can put them in. There are different climate zones that have different kinds of roses that grow best in them. These zones are:

    N. California and the Northwest: mild, rainy winters and rainy springs, and they should flower from late spring to early fall

    S. California and Southwest: with only a little bit of rain with sunshine nearly all year, they bloom from April to December; some of them can even grow in sand, but all must be pretty heat resistant

    Mountain States: have cold winters, hot summers, blustery springs, and small amounts of rain; these roses should be some of the hardier roses that can withstand these weather changes

    Midwest: frosts occur in spring and fall, so plant your roses between March and May

    Northeast: 4 distinct seasons, an even distribution of snow and rain, but winters and summers are a bit severe whereas springs and falls are mild

    Southeast: fall is pleasant, summers are hot and humid, and generally there is not too much snow

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    Portland Oregon is known as the Rose City.  The climate here is amazing for roses.  Roses absolutely love the mild winter, and sunny long days of summer.

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