What is ClimateGate?



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    Last month hackers released onto climate-change-skeptical Web sites information about emails sent to and from the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England. The climate change skeptics claim the emails prove research showing that climage change is human induced was doctored by the scientists, calling in to question the scientific opinion on climate change and the scientific community’s supposed bias or lacktherof. The scientists maintain that they did not manipulate evidence but used more advanced, modernized technology to update temperature records from the last two decades. The issue has taken center stage at this week’s Copenhagen climate summit.

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    This question was originally asked and answered a long time ago, but just last week the UK House of Commons issued a report on their investigation of the CRU email hacking incident. They concluded that there was no wrongdoing, no manipulation of evidence, and no indication that there was any attempt to falsify or twist the data regarding anthropogenic climate change. In order words, the emails were taken out of context and did not say what global warming deniers claimed they meant.

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