What is climate zone shifting?



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    Climate zone shifting refers to dramatic, or gradual changes in climate zones throughout the planet. For example, the Sahara desert in Africa at one point was covered with glaciers, and at another point was a wet marsh like land where monsoon seasons were frequent.

    Another great example is the massive San Joaquin valley in California which used to be a large Sea, but at sometime in the past the waters receded leaving a large swamp like area which eventually dried out and left rich farming soil.

    The causes of climate zone shifts can be natural and man made. Some climate zone shifts have occured from an increase in the earth’s axil tilt, while other have come about from climate change.

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    There are different climate zones throughout the earth. With global warming, those zones are going to change. For example, zones in the northern regions may start to resemble temperatures in climate zones that are slightly warmer than they are. Thus, the climate zones may shift upward.

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