What in cleaning products are bad for the environment?



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    The phosphates found in detergents can be a big problem when they contaminate streams and ponds. They happen to provide a lot of the right kind of nutrients for algae to grow quickly and thickly, which can change the makeup of entire ecosystems if it becomes too widespread.

    Floor and oven cleaners can contain acids and alkaline compounds, which are toxic and should be avoided as much as possible.

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    The cleaning products with high quality of chemical can badly effect to the environment and to get rid of from this problme we can go through to the eco friendly cleaners, which is a helpful way for cleaning.


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    Mainly toxic cleaning products are very dangerous for the health as well as for the enviornment. Always try to use a good cleaning agents and home made cleaning agents also you can contact a profssional cleaning services as per your convienient.

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    Yes there are various toxic chemical products our household for cleaning like oxygen bleach, ammonia, silica powder, phenyl and laundry detergent etc which kills dirt but its harmful effects to you and your family sometimes it can badly effects your health as well as environment also so be careful before using these chemical products…

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