What is a clean coal power plant?



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    Coal is a dirty fossil fuel, and emits many pollutants that contribute to global warming, create acid rain, and pollutes are water supplies.

    Coal is deemed to be clean burning via several methods. One method used in clean coal processes is wet scrubbers, an desulfurization system, this is done by spraying flue gas with limestone and water, removing the sulfur dioxide; one of the major causes of acid rain.

    They have also implemented the use of Low-NOx (nitrogen oxide) burners, reducing the creation and release of nitrogen oxides; nitrogen oxides cause ground-level ozone (what makes the skylines of cities look hazy and cloudy).  

    Electrostatic precipitators have also been popular; there purpose includes the removal of particulates via collection on collection plates. The particulates removed are the ones that go on and affect many by aggravating their asthma and causing other respiratory diseases.

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as clean coal; many states do not even use coal (these states resorting to natural gas or nuclear energy). You can check your states coal use at: http://www.americaspower.org/The-Facts/

    Pushing our communities interests for more wind power and other renewable sources is key to helping our country off coal (coal that will not always be plentiful and cheap).


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