What classifies organic waste?



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    The classification of organic waste is based on a chemical understanding. Organic waste is any waste that contains the element carbon (C) which includes; waste from living things (such as animal and human feces, food wastes, and the remains of dead plants), paper, plastic, and rubber. Most people define organic waste as waste that comes from natural living things and perishable nature (Great Education News, 2011).

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    Organic wastes are biologically-based items that can completely biodegrade into the Earth. They include fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, newspapers, cardboard and dead leaves. When contained together and turned frequently through a process called composting, nutrient-rich material is created. The finished compost can be added to soils to improve the plant life that grows out of them. Recycling organic waste reduces space contained in a landfill and produces powerful, natural fertilizer.

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