What is classical civilization?



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    Classical civilization is also called ancient civilization. The exact dates are disputed, some say it started with the discovery of agriculture in 6,000 BCE. Others believe it began in 5,500 BCE which is how old the first human writing and documents are. Typically, it ends with the fall of The Roman Empire. This occurred in A.D. 476, so the era lasted between 5,000 and 5,500 years. Evidence suggests people existed hundreds of thousands of years before our current records of ancient civilization were made. 

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    Classical civilization often refers to just the Greek and Roman civilizations. The term ancient civilization more often encompasses other ancient cultures worldwide. Ancient civilizations may include the Sumerian, Minoan, Olmec, Indus River Valley, Hittite, Egyptian, Shang China, Chavin, and Canaanite societies. In respect to those civilizations just listed, they later branched out into ethnic groups like the Babylonian, Hellenic, Mayan, Aryan, Lydian, Ethiopic, Han, Inca, and Israelitic civilizations.

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