What city in the world do you think has the most sustainable transportation plan?



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    Seattle is one city that comes to mind. City government has a concrete plan to limit the use of cars in the city and reduce the city’s carbon footprint. This includes a tax levy for transportation improvements, funding to improve sidewalks, walkways, and trails, construction of bike lanes, and improving its streetcar and trolley services. 

    I’ve personally never been, and I know there are a lot of posters on here from Seattle, so it’d be great if they could talk about their experiences with transport in their city.

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    Check out this list of american cities that have won recognition for sustainable transportation:


    Pick a rural city in Africa — theoretically, that’s the “most” sustainable.

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    Guangzhou, China won the 2011 Sustainable Transport Award. The award was given to this city because it installed a rapid bus transit system “that integrates with bike lanes, bike share and metro stations.” Annually, the award is given to the city “that made the most progress over the year to increase mobility, while reducing transportation greenhouse and air pollution emissions, and improving safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians.”

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