What city was the first to have a sewer system?



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    Historians and archaeologists believe that ancient Rome was actually the first civilization to have a sewer system.  The first Roman sewers were built between 800 and 735 B.C.  Of course, it depends what you mean by a sewer system, because this one was obviously very rudimentary.  These sewers were also created mainly to rid the streets of surface water and for gorund water to flow through.  It is not clear if Roman sewers were meant to eliminate human waste or if they would have been effective doing so.

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    As early as 3200 BCE, the concept of sanitary sewer systems were being applied in Scotland. Excavations of the Orkney Islands reveal early drainage systems in which lavatory-like plumbing systems with drained outlets were fitted into the walls of homes. By 800 BCE to 300 CE, complex drain systems had evolved in Rome and the first sewer was constructed between 800 and 735 BCE. To read an in depth history of sewer systems, visit the link below.

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