What city in the U.S. is going to be the next green city?



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    It’s tough to say what a “green city” actually looks like, there isn’t a universal archetype, however I have seen a lot of articles in the past year or so that praise Chicago’s recent efforts at greening they’re city.  Chicago is greening in the most literal way possible by making a concerted effort to make as much urban green space as possible through urban gardens, rooftop gardens, and general use urban green space.  Considering Chicago’s heavily industrial past, this transformation is a complete 180 degree turn for the city.

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    It’s hard to predict which city will be the next greenest city in the US because the expectations are always changing and cities are always doing things differently but a few that have topped the Top 10 in recent years, and will likely continue to do things ‘greenly’ in the future are:

    San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, Denver, Eugene (OR), Austin (TX), and Portland (OR) to name a few. 

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    Pittsburgh is a re-invented green city.  It was once the dirtiest city in the country, and its air and water still suffer today from pollution from the Industrial Revolution.  But it is a leader in green buildings, is one of the few citiies in the US with a food forest, and is part of lots of green initiatives.  Pittsburgh has had a much tougher road to becoming green than many other cities.

    Pittsburgh’s green rating fluctuates a bit but is usuall in the top 10 greenest cities.

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