What city has the worst air pollution?



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    Air pollution is usually concentrated in urban environments, although many smaller cities and rural regions downwind of a polluted environment can also have high ozone levels. A recent study by the American Lung Association cited Pittsburgh and Los Angeles as the most polluted cities, categorized by short-term particle pollution and ozone pollution, respectively. Other polluted cities include Fresno, Birmingham, Houston, Detroit, Sacramento, and Cincinnati.

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    By the measure of particles per volume of air, the world’s most polluted city is actually Cairo in Egypt.

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    If it isn’t the worst at the moment, Mexico City in Mexico definitely held the title for most air pollution for a long time. Because of the city geographical location, the tannish-brown haze of pollution is withheld in the area more so than other cities, making the pollution much worse. Steps have been taken by the Mexican government in the last decade to help alleviate the health issues this presents, but the city still has a long road to recovery. This pollution is due to the extremely relaxed emission regulations that Mexico had in law for a very long time.

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