What city has the most skyscrapers?



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    Hong Kong has the most high-rise buildings, at 7,651. It’s followed by Sao Paulo and New York.

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    Emporis.com is for high rises, which includes any building over 12 stories. It is not specific to skyscrapers only.

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    Emporis is not reliable. The very most cities outside the US and Europe are way undercounted, since the buildings are counted by editors – abd most countries/cities lack editors.

    Sao Paulo leads all the way with over 40k highrises, followed by Seould with almost 40k. They are followed by: Shanghai (14,081 highrises), Moscow (10,931), Chongqing (9,978), Tokyo (9,211), Rio de Janeiro (8,002), Hongkong, Shenzhen,…

    See, Emporis is way undercounted, thus NOT reliable as a source – at least not outside Europe and the US.

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