What city has the most electric vehicle chargers installed?



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    Since most electric vehicle chargers are internal to the car, that would be the city with the most electric vehicles. You can get an idea of where the most electric vehicles are by browsing the EV album, but many people have not registered their electric vehicles on the website, so it is difficult to know for sure.

    If you are referring to charging stations, which charge electric vehicles faster than a household outlet does, the numbers are changing daily. I know that there is one at the train station in my city and I recently saw a brand-new one being installed in Oregon last weekend. In general, most of the charging stations are being installed in coastal cities. On the west coast, I-5 is known for having a lot of charging stations.


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    The state with the most electric chargers is California.  Naturally, the biggest cities are the cities with the most chargers – LA, New York, etc.  You can check specifics with the link below.

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