What city has the most eco friendly cabs?



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         Although there are plenty of cities which offer eco-friendly cabs, Arlington, Virginia has an entire fleet of 85 of them! Included in the fleet are Toyota Prius, Camry, and Highlander models. Arlington prides itself on the new green program, claiming that they are the first carbon-negative cab service, by ofsetting the carbon of 100 other cabs in the Arlington area, according to enviroCAB.com.

         Arlington isn’t the only place offering green cab rides. A fun service offered in Dublin, Ireland lets patrons catch a ride in a green cab for free! In Michigan, two young men started the Green Chauffer, which is a start-up cab company. Despite its size, the Green Chauffer represents a trend towards green mass-transportation. 

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    In addition to eco friendly cabs, many cities, including mine of Toronto, offer eco-friendly rental cars.  If you need to just drive around for a day or weekend, Smart Cars are available and great for city driving as they are small and energy efficient. 

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