What city has the best public transportation?



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    Well, it depends on who you ask. According to inhabit.com, Tokyo tops a recent list of cities with the best public transportation. This list cites the different modes found in the city (ferry, light rail, bus and subway) with the massive 10.6 billion trips made citywide annually. Environmentalgraffiti.com cites Hong Kong, a city where 90% of its residents use the mass transit system. The Huffington Post recent made an unordered list that named the 10 best cities for mass transit; they are: Copenhagen; Curtiba, Brazil; Hong Kong; London; Moscow; Munich; Paris; Seoul; Tokyo; and Vienna. 

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    Curitiba, Brazil. Curitiba is the capital of Brazil’s ParanĂ¡ province.  There is a single price for tickets and the system is estimated to be used by 85% of the entire population.


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    My favorite was osaka.  I visited both Tokyo and Osaka, and i thought osaka was by far the easiest to follow.  It has a rail that goes in a circle around that city and there are rails that extend past the circle to hit the outskirts of the city. 

    If you buy a japan rail pass while visiting, you dont have to spend any additional money to get around the city. 

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    In the U.S., that honor goes to New York City. With the highest daily ridership percentage and highest daily number of people who use public transportation (about 4.5 million), it’s easy to see why. The mass transit system is also the most extensive in the U.S.

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