what city has the best biking infrastructure?



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    The would be Amsterdam, the Netherlands, known as the “bike capitol of the world.”  About 40% of all movement in the city is by bicycle, and it has a huge network of bike lanes and safe bike paths.

    In North America, the crown goes to Portland, Oregon, whose bike network has grown by 200 miles in the last 20 years.

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    As far as US cities, Portland Oregon always ranks as the most bicycle friendly.  Boulder Colorado is also ranked at the top, along with San Francisco and Seattle.  As a Portland bicycle commuter, I can vouch that most major streets have bike lanes.  Bike routes throughout the city are also clearly marked with signs that lead bicyclists through the best streets to get to certain popular destinations.  There is a fenced-in bicycle path called the Springwater Corridor that runs alongside the Willamette River for several miles, which is very convenient and pleasant for commuting to certain areas.  Additionally, Portland has a strong bicycling culture consisting of festive bicycle events and organized group rides such as Pedalpalooza in July.  Portland’s mayor Sam Adams is working on a budget proposal of 500,000 dollars for a “Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Fund”.

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    One city that a lot of people dont know about that has a phenomenal biking infrastructure is Eugene, Oregon.  (who would have thought right?)    Los Angeles has even started to come around in this department too.  Building bike lanes on many streets, along with a bike path that spans the beach for miles! 

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    If you are looking for the top cities in the United States, Bicycling.com has recently released their list of the top 50 bike friendly cities. At the very top of the list is a somewhat unexpected winner, Minneapolis, who is then followed by Portland. The state of Oregon has three cities in top 50, as does Colorado, and Arizona. Check out the full list: http://www.bicycling.com/topbikefriendlycities/home.html

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