What city is doing the best job with their public transportation?



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    New York City.  They have the most intricate mass transit system and have the highest percentage of workers who use it (54.6%)  


    However, New York is also a very old city, and has a huge population, which means the city has had time and resources to build up its mass transit so well. 

    Portland is a newer city, with a newer mass transit system.  It is always hard to implant a new transit system into a city that is already developed, so I would give Portland points as well. 

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    Curitiba, Brazil is also a noteworthy city. It is a great example of a large scale sustainability driven city with well-thought, collective urban planning in order to make it more efficient and a better place to live. It is most known for its public transportation system. Curitiba’s bus system has been planned in such a way that it reduces traffic and congestion, encourages the use of public transportation but also promotes bicycle use. Other cities that are worth a look at are Coppenhagen, Denmark – Portland, Oregon- and many other urban European cities (paris, London, etc)

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