What city does the best job of providing protected bikeways?



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    Portland, Oregon boasts that the city’s bike infrastructure was laid over 20 years ago.
    That infrastructure includes 106 (68 miles) kilometers of bike paths, 48 (30 miles) kilometers of low-traffic bike boulevards and 283 (147 miles) kilometers of bike lanes, all of which are used with gusto by the eight percent of citizens who claim that biking is their primary form of transportation, and 10 percent who say a bike is their secondary vehicle.
    In 2008, the League of American Bicyclists named Portland its first platinum-level Bike Friendly Community. 

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    Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has developed a system of protected bike lanes. Usually bike lanes are placed right next to the traffic, without any physical protection for the cyclists. The Danish has other ideas, which makes biking safer and more convenient for its residents. See the following pictures for some ideas: 


    Bike racks are placed between bike lanes and streets. 


    Physical barriers are placed in between bike lanes and streets


    bike lanes are placed on a higher elevation to seperate car and bike traffic. 

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