What city is the best planned city in America?



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    Many online polls have proven that Washington D.C. is the best planned city in America. The capital of the United States “is extremely rich in culture and has made a lot of smart changes in recent years toward greater sustainability.” Some contributing factors that brought D.C. to the top of the list are its size and the amount of effort the city puts into making progressive changes. “The neat urban plan of D.C., from tony Georgetown to the Smithsonian museums that line the National Mall, the White House and cherry blossoms on the Potomac, is great fun to explore.”

    CNN also featured Travel and Leisure’s survey on “America’s Favorite Cities 2008.” There are some interesting categories featured in the survey but results show that D.C. is also one of the most diverse cities in America.

    On a smaller scale, Natural Home Magazine did a story on America’s Top 10 Best Eco-Neighborhoods. Asheville, North Carolina ranked first. It would also be worth your time to view the article at: http://www.naturalhomemagazine.com/Inspiration/2007-01-01/best-eco-neighborhoods.aspx.


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