What city in America has the most great whites?



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    The Pacific and Atlantic coastlines of the U.S. are home to great white sharks as well as the Gulf of Mexico. They prefer temperate waters and are migratory by nature. As for a “city” with the highest population of great whites, I’m not sure that’s really a title that can be given. 

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    The range of the great white shark is one of the widest of any marine mammal. They can be found off both the Pacific and Atlantic coast of the United States. Great whites are actually quite rare in their whole range, so they are not concentrated in a specific area. Great whites have been reported off the coast as far north as Alaska and as far south as Florida.  

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    To answer your question literally: Monterey, CA. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has periodically been able to keep Great Whites alive in captivity up to 198 days. Great Whites are notoriously hard to keep alive in captivity, and usually die in just a few days.

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