What cities in the world have the most comprehensive public transportation systems?



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    These are five of the top cities in the world rated for their public transit systems. The second link in my citations will tell you more if you’re interested. 

    1. Tokyo, Japan-Tokyo boasts the most used subway in the world providing about 8 million rides a day to people. Tokyo has an entire train service with monorails to long-haul surburban trains.

    2. New York, New York-the public transportation system of New York City and its surrounding neighborhoods makes up 8% of the public transportation in the nation. An estimated 54.7% of NYC workers use public transportation which makes it the second highest rate of public transport use in the nation.(http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mdg45ejkh/union-city-n-j)

    3. Portland, Oregon-Portland provides a mix of public transport in the form of bus, lightrail, streetcar, and aerial tram. 

    4. Moscow, Russia-Russia’s public transport is the second most used in the world providing 7.5 million people with transport each day. It has a network of rails 293 km long that run up to 40 trains an hour (thought to be the most reliable in the world). 

    5. Taipei, Taiwan-This subway system has repeatedly won awards for its safety, reliability, and quality. About 1.1 million people are served daily on it and it wins awards for its LED screens announcing trains and cleanliness.

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