What cities provide public water dispensers to refill bottles?



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    One city in Australia, the town of Bundanoon, has banned single use plastic water bottles all together and installed three public water fountains for citizens to refill their reusable bottles. Some larger cities seem to be heading in this direction as well. While not taking as drastic a measure as Bundanoon, London has recently installed public dispensers in certain bus stations and museums. New York City is also trying out a new approach that will hopefully help lessen New Yorkers’ dependence on the plastic bottle. NYC is partnering with some restaurants that will allow New Yorkers to come in and fill up their reusable water bottles for free at a soda tap with a program called Tapit. Tapit is good for NYC because it cuts down on plastic bottle usage and good for the restaurants which get to do something good for the environment as well as possibly win over some new customers. 

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