What cities produce the most trash in the world?



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    The amount of trash each city produces will be directly related to its population and its recycling efforts. New York City, with a population of just over 8 million, is the biggest trash producing city in the U.S.. This is directly related to its population. The average Americanproduces 5.1 pounds of trash per day, averaging NYC’s daily trash production at 40,800,800 lbs.

    In cities, such as San Francisco, where a large recycling initiative has taken place, the amount of trash produced is largely offset by recycling efforts. With a population of over 776,000 people they should average a daily production of just under 4 million pounds of trash a day. San Fransisco has, however, initiated a ZERO WASTE program be achieved by 2020. The city is constantly working on improving recycling to achieve their goal. As of now the city recycles 77% of all the trash that it produces. This brings their daily trash production down from 4 million lbs to just over 1 million lbs per day, a drastic improvement.

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    Hong Kong produces the most garbage compared to any other city. In 2009, the seven million people living in Hong Kong produced 6.45 million tons of waste.  About half of this trash is recycled.  The remaining is put in three main landfills.

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