What cities have the cheapest public transportation?



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    Well countries that a relatively poorer or have weak currencies compared to your currency (which I’m assuming is the dollar for you) are going to be cheapest. When considering how cheap it is you really have to consider how much it costs relative to the cost of living or other comparable goods in that country.

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    As visible in this chart:


    most mid-size American cities have comparable bus and light rail fares, typically between $1.25 and $1.75.

    However, in terms of the most value for your money, the major cities with the most extensive and efficient systems (New York, Chicago, Denver, Portland, etc.) will you get the most value for your money because your $2.00 or $2.25 can get you a lot farther.  

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    As far as cheapest goes, I know that LA has some of the cheapest.  Depending on what company you take (You have so many to choose from)  Some like Santa Monica busses are only 50 cents.  And there are some LADOT busses that are only 25 cents.  But then you also have Metro and Foothill Transit which are like 1.25-2.50

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