What cities have been completely run down, then successfully restored?



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    After a tornado, Greensburg, Kansas is rebuilding green. Here are the things they are focusing on:
    ” 1. Develop a local ordinance requiring that all new municipal buildings be designed to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Development) Platinum standards.
    2. Develop and implement a green home and business incentive-based certification program.
    3. Rebuild the county recycling center.
    4. Develop and operate a Center on Sustainability.
    5. Develop and utilize a comprehensive sustainable master plan.
    6. Utilize renewable sources of energy for the community.”

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    Another city is New Orleans. Before Hurricane Katrina the city didn’t have very great sustainable practices. But after Katrina hit they decided that was the best thing to happen to build the city back and build it back green! They were one of the cities that got the Solar America Cities grant from DOE, Global Green started a project to build homes that were greatly affected by the storm, by implementing solar energy and building them to LEED certification standards. Also, Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation was organized to build back all the Lower 9th Ward homes with solar energy to offset the homeowners utility cost and so far all the homes are LEED certified Platinum level.

    There are other organization aimed at restoring the coast.

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