What cities besides San Francisco have light rail cars that travel on the street along with auto traffic?



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    Denver also has light rail that travels along the street.

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    The city of Portland, Oregon also has an excellent public transportation system that includes a downtown street car.  Portland is widely seen as a national leader on alternative transportation, and has a relatively extensive system of electric trains, as well as a large fleet of public buses.  Portland’s larger and faster-moving light rail trains carry passengers through the city center, and out to surrounding suburban communities like Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Clackamas County.  The slower street car trains connect downtown light rail stops to other Portland communities.  Portland’s electric train system is growing and evolving, but already serves as a model for other cities attempting to provide environmentally friendly transportation options.

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    In certain parts Los Angeles does. Phoenix does, Cincinnati, Philly, Houston, and if I remember right I believe that Sacramento does too.

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